What’s your excuse?

by Gareth

February 27, 2020

Set your goal. 
Create small, manageable steps towards it. 
Track the part of you that finds excuses not to execute. 
Remove these excuses. 

I was making excuses about weight training. ‘The gym where I live is shitty’.
‘Training in the park is dirty with dog shit and broken bottles lying around’. And and and. 

For a few hundred dollars we created a callisthenics gym at home. For a few more hundred dollars I bought an Olympic bar some weights and kettlebells. For the price of a few months of a Crossfit membership or a personal trainer, I have eliminated any excuses for not strength training.

Results =

  • Identify and let go of limiting beliefs
  • Execute gracefully 
  • Get out of our own way 
  • Exercise patience 
  • Be grateful for your results
  • Enjoy the journey.

What is something you’re making excuses for at the moment? Let me know.

Till next week.

PS: That darkness video that I was going to share this week is still in production. Hoping to have it to you next week. No excuses. 😜

Up and at it.

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About the author

Gareth is a Lifestyle Designer, a Perfect Day chaser and a minimalist. Based in Guatemala his highest joy is creating content that helps and inspires people to Live More Perfect Days.

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