Trigger warning: This post contains references to trigger warnings.

by Gareth

October 25, 2021

I thought I’d clear that up before someone read this and got triggered because I spoke about a popular new caveat to social media posts: the trigger-warning.

The internet is a minefield for those that choose to express their views on social media. Any point of view has the possibility of upsetting someone who disagrees.

So we created the “trigger-warning”, a statement to let people know that your content touches on a subject that may carry a charge for some people. So now, upfront, I mention the touchy subject, and you get to decide if you’re ok to read about: body shame, addiction, intimacy, medical procedures, emigration etc. The list goes on. The list also feels like it’s growing as people attach their identity and sense of safety to these narratives. I get it; we’re all just trying our best to figure out what the fuck is happening right now.

But, you can only be triggered when you’re loaded.

Loaded is a result of emotions not being moved through the body. Worry, concern, fear, rage, grief are important warning signs from the body. When we ignore these emotions, they get louder, and they feel more intense in the body. For me, this expresses first as irritability and then the feeling of exploding through a short temper.
A few years ago, I had ignored these messages for so long that the team I worked with would be too scared to bring me any bad news in case I exploded.
I was loaded.
My triggers were customers paying slowly, problems with cash flow or mistakes that had cost our business money. I was living in fear and scarcity, and my world was reflecting this back to me.

But my being triggered isn’t your responsibility; it’s mine and we’re responsible for taking action from the messages we receive from our emotions. These emotions are indicators we have work to do around the stories, wounds or trauma causing us to feel triggered.

What message do I send when I write something and preface it with any possible trigger themes? I suggest that you can’t handle your own emotions. I project that you’ve got unresolved stuff, and I don’t want that to mess on to me. Or my social media brand. I support a victim story that you may not be ready to engage with a specific topic. That’s not my work to do; that’s yours.

I won’t be making caveats about what my content covers from fear that it may offend someone. I trust that if you choose to follow me or read my thoughts, that’s the agreement between you, mean and the algorithm. If this agreement is not true for you anymore, unfriend or unfollow.

Look after yourself.
Self-awareness is the way through these waves of global change.


About the author

Gareth is a Lifestyle Designer, a Perfect Day chaser and a minimalist. Based in Guatemala his highest joy is creating content that helps and inspires people to Live More Perfect Days.

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