The best thing I’ve received from lockdown

by Gareth

April 30, 2020

Date: Thursday 30th April

Location: . The Sanctuary Guatemala. Lake Atitlan.

For most the novelty of lockdown is over. Digital isn’t the same as face to face. Feelings of frustration are starting to creep in. One of the easiest Lifestyle Design hacks when things start to feel out of flow is gratitude.

I made a 5-minute video about the best thing that I’ve received from being in lockdown.

The video is about how my partner Araminta and I were able to navigate 100 people that coming to Guatemala for a retreat. COVID-19 travel bans kicked in right at the time the retreat was meant to start. People were afraid. Some were already in Guatemala and didn’t know if they should stay or travel back home. Our role as retreat hosts was to manage our team, our participants and our relationship with the venue.

The way that Minta and I were able to dance over the last few weeks together, fills me with confidence. I know that we’re able to tackle whatever challenges life throws our way and I’m grateful for this amazing gift.

If you’re starting to feel a bit of lockdown blues, find something that you can be grateful for. It’s a practise that when done often becomes a superpower.

Watch the full video .


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About the author

Gareth is a Lifestyle Designer, a Perfect Day chaser and a minimalist. Based in Guatemala his highest joy is creating content that helps and inspires people to Live More Perfect Days.

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