• Are you experiencing a transition in your life at the moment? 
  • Do you feel alone, confused or frozen with the changes happening in the world around you?
  • Are you tired of fear narratives and deep down believe humanity does know a better way to live?
  • Are you relationships reflecting the pressure that you're feeling inside?
  • Are you looking for a simple, clear path to being show up full in all areas of your life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it's important to know that there's nothing wrong with you. The emotions of feeling stuck, uninspired or even depressed are your body's emotional guidance system telling you that something needs to shift. Something is out of alignment.

There are no coincidences, you're on this page for a reason. You want to get unstuck!

But, how do you refuel when you're on "inspiration-empty"?

In 2013 I finally admitted that I had been in a repeating loop for more than three years. My business has started to fail and the more I tried the things that had worked before, the worse it got. It was like the more I tried to make things right, the worse they got...

After months of sleepless nights, telling myself stories that changing my life path would be viewed as a failure, I couldn't do it anymore. Something had to shift. The decision to sell my business and give myself a few months to decide what I wanted to do, without knowing what that was going to be, felt so scary. In hindsight, it's one of the best decisions I've made.

Listening to your emotional guidance system led you to search for something new. Something to help re-align what's currently not aligned.

Reboot is the Lifestyle Design System that I've developed over six years of testing these tools in my own life and sharing them with my clients as a Lifestyle Design and Law of Attraction Coach.

What is Reboot?

Many coaching programs miss the mark if they don’t cover the 3 "M's" required for an aligned and meaningful life.  If any of these "M's" are missing it's like sitting on a bar stool with one leg missing, you end up on the floor of the bar pretending that everything is okay. 




When all areas of your life align, the motivation to show up is easy and comes from within. You don't need to look outside yourself for the drive required to move forward.



Once you've developed a new, clear script for your life you're able to celebrate and let go of your old story. What go you here, won't get you there.



With a tried and test formula to set clear goals, be able to track yourself and course correct when things go out of alignment you will be able to move easily towards living your life by design.

Additional Bonuses You'll    Receive As a Reboot Client

Six Months Of Access To Thrive

A premium online community of lifestyle designers that are learning and installing tools like manifestation, meditation and mindset training in their lives. Once you've completed Lifestyle Design Reboot you'll have access to this thriving community to keep you inspired and motivated on your new path.

Six Months Of Access To Stream

Six months of access to Stream - my digital inner circle of premium Lifestyle Design clients. A private Telegram channel where I share my thoughts, ideas and content that's shaping my thinking with you. You'll get to see under the hood of my business, programs and lifestyle design experiments.

Keys To The Mindvault

Digital content library of the best of the best, also from the teachers that have shaped our work at Live More Perfect Days. Your attention is sacred and priceless, make sure you allocate it to meaningful content that supports your lifestyle design journey.

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Every minute you wait before proceeding with this "Reboot" is another minute that your current loops and stories become stronger and your frustration turns to desperation. 

Put the power of "Reboot" to work for you so that you can quickly and easily develop a simple and clear plan for your life, refuel your inspiration and reignite your passion for your business, your team, your career and your life.


8 hours of video coaching with me. (Sessions can be done in 2 * 4-hour sessions or 3 * 2 1/2 hour sessions).

20+ additional hours of plan expansion and integration. This is time you'll spend on your own installing this plan into your life and making it work in your life.

1-hour recap call. An additional one on one video coaching sessions where review and make minor adjustments to your implemented plan. This call takes place 3-4 weeks after the completion of our initial sessions together.

$9, 997 payable upfront via Credit Card or Paypal.  I also offer a 6 month payment plan: 6 monthly instalments of $1,997 each.

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6-months of additional time inside our Thrive community. This time will support and help anchor in the new habits and mindset that we create together.

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