Reality checks and shadow stalking.

by Gareth

July 16, 2020

It’s been a really good week.

A relaunch of our online Maths Classroom.

Three years ago my sister in law and I built an online platform that helps South African high school children improve their Core Maths – a subject that I battled with at school. I was a rookie in the online space and built a solid platform I battled with the marketing. With a few more battle scars earned and some important lessons learnt we’ve revamped and are ready to relaunch Keep It On Core v2.0.

Since we built this platform I have also spent time getting clear on my personal brand. This was an important, reflective process for me where I spent 6-weeks getting clear on what I valued in my life. Once I knew what got me excited I was able to align my work with these personal values.

If feels like one of the most important processes I’ve been through. I can now clearly see how Keep It On Core aligns with three of my highest values: making the world better, technology and education.

Read more about our product and the re-launch .

Stalking our own shadows:

Our Law of Attraction platform is teaching people like the Gareth of five years ago, how manifestation works. Until you realise that you're a magician, your life is happening to you. Then you install some simple ideas and routines into your life and things start to happen. You realise that you can attract the things that you want into your life. Sort of like placing an order with a factory. But then sometimes the things we've ordered don't show up!

We can affirm all we want that we deserve $5,000 per month of passive income. We can be grateful until we've got a gratitude-bloat, but my still no sign of the money. We can believe and be patient and have fun 100% of our day and still no sign of my financial abundance order.

Where is it? Some of our work in paying for our order is to make sure we're ready to receive?

Have you thought about the implications of your order actually being delivered? Have cleared space in your life for your $5,000 per month? Imagine receiving delivery of your new sports car. It's about to be lowered off the trailer at your home. You press the button to open the garage for your new baby. Inside: broken bicycles, three recycling bins overflowing, and that old lounge suite that you've been meaning to donate, for the last five years. The garage is full of junk. Completely cluttered. Where are you expecting to park your new car? There's no space for it in your life.

The same is true for your manifestation orders that you've placed. I'm calling in my first $5,000 of passive income per month. But I need to do a tax return that's overdue. I've been putting it off because it feels like work that I don't enjoy and I'm "busy building the business to pay for my order and have $5,000 per month show up". But my overdue tax return is like a garage full of junk, that needs to be decluttered before there's space for my new order to be delivered.

If you're having some delivery delays on your orders take a look where you might have some decluttering to do. I made a video about this topic here.

A movie I recently enjoyed.

Get me Roger Stone.

I'm not into politics much. I believe it's one of life's biggest circus performances that humanity has to keep us distracted. Our politicians are a reflection and a manifestation of their environment. The political news we consume through the media is not placed there by accident. Media companies understand how much impact the words and stories that they run have on their audience. The stories you consume in the news become the stories you tell yourself. Your thoughts then become the "things" that show up in your world.

This Netflix documentary tells the story of a master magician called Roger Stone. He's been the lobbyist and strategies for numerous US political campaigns from Nixon to Trump. The documentary shows the extreme power of information and misinformation.

From what I can tell no single person has had such a large impact in global politics. The movie shows some of the dirtiest tactics used by politicians and media to get the voting public to jump through proverbial hoops. Raise people's fear levels (rapists and drug dealers come from Mexico) and then give them a solution (we'll build a wall).

"Aaaaah this guy is going to keep us safe!"

Or paint a picture of a new and rosy future. Hope is a strong emotion for us humans.

Use this documentary as a way to see the massive circus that's playing out for us every single day. From politics to global pandemics, and riots. Dirty politics fuelled by fear and uncertainty. Don't be depressed by it, be enlightened by it.

We get to choose our stories. Contentious issues like racism or sexual harassment can be blown out of proportion in the media. Roger Stone proves this. When get triggered by a topic we move into the "fight, flight or freeze" stress responses. We're now separate from our fellow humans. Categorised. Them and me.

I am choosing a story that accepts that there have been indiscretions and still are. I choose to support and uplift groups that have been marginalised where I can. But, I am not going to carry the collective guilt around these topics. I am working to make sure that I love and respect everyone equally. To show up fully in service and help where I can, from a place of love.

I choose to see a world where all of us actually love our fellow humans more than the media tells us we do.

Music and philosophy intersecting.

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between our waking state and a dream state? Ever considered how our reality is shaped by the lens through which we filter everything that we see or hear?

It's an interesting and deep thought experiment.

Here's a track that does a great job of unpacking some of this thinking.

Listen on Spotify and Youtube.

Peace and love until next week.


About the author

Gareth is a Lifestyle Designer, a Perfect Day chaser and a minimalist. Based in Guatemala his highest joy is creating content that helps and inspires people to Live More Perfect Days.

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