My $1 Million Dollar Manifestation

by Gareth

June 18, 2020

Thursday’s feel like they’re rolling around quicker and quicker as 2020 progresses.

Here are some of the things that I’ve been enjoying over the last few weeks.

Currently reading:

If you write copy for emails, presentations, landing pages or adverts this book is essential reading. The more we’re being asked to build trust through digital mediums the more important writing copy becomes. I’ve spent the last six years studying digital marketing and this feels like one of the most valuable books that I’ve read on the subject. The book is written in simple language and has practical takeaways that you can install right now to improve your writing.

Do you want to see this copy in practice? Look at – add your email address to see the email sequence that follows.

Podcast Hong Kong on NPR Throughline (46 mins)

History has never been my strongest subject. I’ve also not yet visited China or Hong Kong so I know very little about this dynamic between these two. This podcast unpacks the history of Hong Kong from its rule under Britain through its return to China and the uncertain place it finds itself in right now. Thank you to Siya Gule for sharing this. Siya also has a weekly newsletter that’s worth checking out.

Michael Kane reading “If” by Rudyard Kipling. (4 Mins)

Have you ever read the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling? It’s got a very stoic feel to it. I love this reading of it by Sir Michael Kayne, and how he relates it to his life path as an actor.

There’s a line from this poem that I’ve been pondering lately and it relates to all the sensationalism in the world right now. A few people have asked me if I’m going to create any content about the Black lives matter, police brutality and riots.

Here are my high-level thoughts on this sensitive subject.

I believe that in a world dominated by fear and anger, people are looking for an outlet for their pent up energy. When we hold negative thoughts they manifest as emotions in the body. The more we hold these thoughts and ideas the more the emotion builds up. Think of it as a pressure cooker with the lid completely sealed. Too many have left their thoughts unchecked for too long and they have become their beliefs. (A belief is just a thought that you’ve thought many times).

Now combine these beliefs being held with millions of others holding the same thoughts and add in the negative clickbait headlines we see all day on social media. All this pressure is looking for an outlet. This built-up energy needs somewhere to go.

In my opinion, this is what we’re experiencing in the world at the moment. People, leaders and institutions become the projection points for this anger, rage and fear. It has become almost impossible to have a grounded conversation. Most people are afraid that their words will be twisted with disastrous consequences. Taking the side of the victim can be construed as virtue signalling and keeping quiet can be interrupted to mean you’re on the side of the perpetrator. Even suggesting that “all lives matter” can end badly. It’s a bit like apple bobbing, only for you’re bobbing for stones in a bucket of piranhas.

The line from Kipling’s poem, that I’ve been pondering: “If you can hear the truth you’ve spoken twisted by naves to make a trap for fools” …. feels like where we find ourselves at the moment.

  • If you’re looking for an entry point to the amazing framework for life that is stoicism try The Daily Stoic. (Book, podcast and email)
  • If you’ve not got an emotional release practise we have 9 teach 9 emotional release tools inside our learning area at Live More Perfect Days. (See an overview video here)

7 Areas that men to integrate into their lives to stop the hustle and show up authentically.

After my blog post (titled above), Matt and I decided to unpack this rich topic in our Live More Perfect Days Livestream. If you missed it live you can watch the replay here (33 mins).

[My $1 Million Dollar Manifestation] My NEW 7 steps to manifestation.

This week I also decided that I was going to speak about something that’s really important to me. I’ve been concerned about talking about it as it has to do with money. Money was something we spoke about as a family but seldom outside of our family or with strangers.

So three years ago when I managed to use the Law of Attraction to bring $1,000 000 into my life I didn’t talk to that many people about it. Here’s a short article that I wrote about it and how this defined what has become my life’s work.

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Till next week, be good, and keep smudging


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Gareth is a Lifestyle Designer, a Perfect Day chaser and a minimalist. Based in Guatemala his highest joy is creating content that helps and inspires people to Live More Perfect Days.

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