“Where words fail, music speaks.” 

Hans Christian Andersen

Choosing music that fits the occasion that you're creating brings you into the present moment.
Below are some playlists that I've been curating over the years for some of the important moments in my life.

(Click on the image to link to the playlist on Spotify)

I love Bob, and there is so much other amazing reggae. Here are few that I've collaborated over the years. If you have a blue tooth speaker and an evening on the beach. This is the one to play. caption text here

Songs James and I grew up listening to. If you're born between '75 and '85 this will be a trip down memory lane. Play this after a dinner party with friends - you'll end up dancing on the table.

Medium paced vin-yin type flow. Maybe 45 seconds in each pose. Some great tracks also for an audio assisted mindfulness meditation at the end of your session. ❤️ 

Slow. Warm Vocals. Soulful. Rich. Sexy.

A dump of various genres, various BPMs. Get a little stoned. Light a candle and some incense. Turn the lights down or off. Play this list on shuffle and go through a slow Vin-Yin type sequence. Feel how your practise will take the flow of the music. (Best with wireless headphones)

A playlist of songs to get you into the mood for the weekend.

Uplifting vocal trance and EDM. Great for trail run or high intensity workout.

My first yoga playlist. It's a big range of genres, but they all work well for a Vin Yin type flow. 2-3 min stretch holds. There are two full albums on here which work well in sequence or shuffle the entire list.

Make cooking a meditation. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy the gift of preparing food. This playlist will spill over into a relaxing candle lit dinner for one, or many.

A re-run of the music that I played at the first boat party we organised on Lake Atitlan. Click on the image above to listen on Soundcloud

A friend came for a drink and I decided to DJ to practise. It turned into a dance party and an amazing evening.