Is Money Blocking Your Spiritual Growth?

by Gareth

June 17, 2021

What is spiritual growth?

The basic rights of existence. The equal right of all beings to be on the earth and to develop, and to carry out their tasks. This knowledge should be so strongly internalized that in every situation we automatically act according to these rights without having to think about it. This ability is awareness or consciousness. Spiritual growth means developing this ability further.

Spiritual growth includes developing the awareness to see limiting beliefs or sabotaging patterns in ourselves and to release them so that we live more of our lives in a state of love, ease, and joy.

Anything that prevents you from living in alignment with these rights is hampering spiritual growth. 

How does money keep us stuck from expanding our spiritual awareness? This is not about money specifically. It’s about ANYTHING that keeps us focused on something other than living our fullest expression. 

Money is a big distraction for many. I spent 10 years building a business whose primary objective was “to make more money”. I spent 70%-80% of my waking time focused on growing my business. But, I had no plan for what was “enough”. 
“If I’ve got x in the bank then I can relax and enjoy the fruits of my efforts.” I never had that number. It was never enough. I was trapped. I had to keep growing but I didn’t have a finish line.  

If you wake up each day and the work you do is your highest joy, this isn’t for you. But, if you’re stuck in the trap of allocating a large % of your life force to a company or business that doesn’t light you up because you believe you haven’t yet got enough money, there’s little room left for spiritual growth.

When I was spending most of my waking life thinking about our business’s next expansion plan and how much I’d have to invest to make that happen, my mind didn’t have space for much else. 

Here are some common internal personas that can distract or justify us from facing our money shadow.

Carl the Comparer
“I don’t have as much as so-and-so has …” Carl gets stuck working and working towards an undefined end.

Validation Vladimer
“When people see me drive this car or live in this area, I’ll feel happy because they’ll think I’m successful”.  Vlad’s happiness appears to be linked to someone else’s opinion of him.

Martin the martyr:
“Returns take time”. “I need to work hard (or be busy) to make a living”. Martin has a disempowering relationship where his success is always limited by factors external to himself

Fearful Pheobe:
“I’m not ready to move into something new, what if it fails”. “I’ve got a family to support so change isn’t possible”. Paralyzed by things going wrong Phoebe always settles for “safety”.

Avoidant Angus:  
“I don’t have time to look at my money stuff, I’m too busy with my new project that’s going to solve all my money problems.” Sounds like you need some decluttering brother.

Inner Pinocho:
“I love working long hours, for little reward because they have a great canteen”. Someone that tells themselves stories rather than face their internal truth about their experience. 

Broke Buddha:
The most loved spiritual leaders didn’t have much money/material possessions. “Being wealthy isn’t spiritual”. Or “Money and materialism are creating all the world’s problems”. Some of this might be true, and money can fuel projects that create positive change.

The status quo bro:
“I’m living like everyone else says I should”. Life = high school then to college, a job till 65, AND THEN relax and enjoy retirement. This bro isn’t prepared to look at any alternative life paths.

Reckless Rick: “I’ve got money – I spend it”. Rick doesn’t make a provision for the future and spends without consideration of the consequence.

Worst Case Sean-ario:
“Money is the root of ALL evil. If I have money then I’ll be evil”. Sean heard this from someone who heard it from someone else. People like Sean believe it’s better to be poor and be a good person, rather than be evil. 

None of the above are wrong. Neither are they right. They’re just stories we choose to tell about money. 

And, you choose the story that you hold about money. 

When you have a plan for money and an empowering money story, you worry about it less. This mental spaciousness allows you to focus on the things that bring you joy. The more time spent living in this state, the more spiritual awareness expands.


About the author

Gareth is a Lifestyle Designer, a Perfect Day chaser and a minimalist. Based in Guatemala his highest joy is creating content that helps and inspires people to Live More Perfect Days.

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