Do things in your world feel like they’re getting stuck at the moment?

by Gareth

May 28, 2020

At the end of I mentioned things feeling challenging for many at the moment. This week has felt like more of the same for me. Battling to find flow on projects and continual roadblocks on my path. This week we experienced continued challenges and technical issues on our web platforms. Malware attacks, server overloads and 404 errors. Grrrrr.

All the work feels in alignment. We’ve built the right team, clearly identified who our market is but when we try to progress, something seems to block forward momentum. A friend that we were talking to yesterday said he felt that many of us are being called to be less at the “pointy” end of our projects and more in the middle. In a state of more listening and planning rather than doing.

This also feels like the continual call for me to honour my , surrender. (My word for 2019 was “Grace”). In these moments when I’ve executed everything according to plan, done my pregame and despite that, things just go wrong.

To me surrender means:

  • Letting go of what I thought the outcome needed to be.
  • Letting go of the timeline I thought I was going to deliver on.
  • Being aware of the signs.
  • Stop trying so hard.
  • Acknowledge that things aren’t in flow at the moment.
  • Accept that it’s ok for it not to be unfolding as planned.
  • Let go of the feeling of frustration and see

Another reframe for this time of weird energetics is to take time to do things that “don’t matter”. Create art, write, draw, play music. Last night we had a friend over for dinner. I decided to break out my DJ controller and just play. It turned into a magical sunset session for 3 humans and Zola and Zen (the kittens). Here’s a preview of the guests and a link to the.

If you’re feeling stuck at the pointy end of your project or to-do list and it feels like you’re getting battered at every turn, try letting it go for a while. Make some art, read a book or play.

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Other Content worth consuming.

  • My interest in psychedelics has been such a rich and inspiring journey. This documentary called “” is an incredible look into the little known and powerful world of mushrooms and mycelium.
  • The documentary above also references some of the great spiritual teachers including one of my favorites. . I’d recommend this documentary about his life and how this peaceful man became such an iconic teacher. Watch “” on Netflix.
  • Do you remember the track “Sadness” from from 1990? This week I played another one of their newer albums while doing some stoned yoga. The Album “” is a bit dramatic but I really enjoyed it. Turn the lights down, light some candles, maybe some incense and a glass of wine, or yoga and enjoy.

Till next week, sending love and good vibes from Guatemala.


About the author

Gareth is a Lifestyle Designer, a Perfect Day chaser and a minimalist. Based in Guatemala his highest joy is creating content that helps and inspires people to Live More Perfect Days.

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