Dancing With Change

by Gareth

March 27, 2020

Date: Thursday 26th March 2020.
Location: Villa Sumaya, Santa Cruz, Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

Things are shifting on the planet. Mother nature is forcing us to slow down. To rest. To find stillness. Reverting us back to human beings and not “human doings”.

Nature is cyclical. Things are born and they die. We are part of this cyclical life-web. So are all bacteria and viruses. We’re not separate from them. As soon as we see them as the enemy we create separation. We go to war. The same as seeing another nation as somehow separate from ourselves. We’re having to make the changes we’ve been unwilling to make.​

A new measurement
Stock markets and financial systems are going to change. Things that are not aligned will vibrate away. Structures, projects, relationships, the status quo. For some, that’s going to feel painful. Perhaps we’re being called to measure things in new ways. How about measuring time with family rather than shareholder value. Time well spent rather than units sold.

With the world on lockdown, we have a choice of what to do with our time. Numb out and bypass with drugs, booze or social media. Hoping to surface on the other side and have life return to “normal”. Or be present with what’s moving in the world. Listen to the call for stillness. Be conscious of our habits, and use our time for something meaningful. Turn off technology. Stop reading the news for a few days. Learn a new skill. Do something creative.

The world is changing, change is the only constant. We get to choose how we react to the change. Do we get swept up in it? Or do we use it as a way to let the things that aren’t aligned die so that we come out the other side, renewed?

FREE Programs – My Gift to you

​For the last four years, I’ve been creating things that I believe are meaningful for the world. My partners and I see this as a time for us to step up and make a difference through these projects. If you’re looking to use your time in a meaningful way, we’d be honoured to give you FREE access to any of the following projects.

(A suggestion: work through the Live More Perfect Days or Purpose Course first. Get clear on your life path. Then, if you’re thinking about building an online business work through the Ignite Your Personal Brand 6-week course.)

Live More Perfect Days – Lifestyle Design Program and Community.

​Use this time to create a simple clear plan for your life

  • Learn a simple way to understand manifestation
  • Create a personalised morning and evening routine
  • Create your own digital affirmations and visualisations
  • Install “My Life iOs” – to manage and design your life
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    • Your Financial abundance
    • Improve or attract relationships
    • Connect with mind and spirit
    • Biohacking basics
    • Health and fitness
    • Inspirational content from our best teachers
  • A global online community to keep you accountable

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Ignite Your Business.

​​Wishing you had an online income stream?

  • Develop your personal brand.
  • Get clear on what skills you have to teach online
  • Define your niche market
  • Create a marketing and content plan to speak to and engage your market.

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​A 6-week online course to help you plan and prepare everything you need for your online teaching business.​

The Flying Phoenix – Purpose Course

​​(A collaboration and free offer from a dear friend Alex )

“Why am I here?”

That is the single most important question you will ever ask yourself. And those of us who are fortunate enough to know the answer to that question live vastly different lives to those who don’t. Some of us are lucky and know the answer to this question instinctively from an early age; but for many of us, the search for this answer requires a very long, deep, introspective journey.

​This 6-Day Purpose Course takes you on a step-by-step process to uncover your purpose and create an action plan towards living a life of purpose, meaning and joy.
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Keep It On Core – High School Mathematics Video Lessons

Have you’ve got children in High School doing Mathematics (GR 10, 11 or 12)?

Access our online Mathematics learning platform. Over 900 Mathematics video explanations, lessons and worked examples. The content has been laid out for the South African school’s format but lessons are relevant for Mathematics in all countries.

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Sending love in these changing times.



About the author

Gareth is a Lifestyle Designer, a Perfect Day chaser and a minimalist. Based in Guatemala his highest joy is creating content that helps and inspires people to Live More Perfect Days.

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