Can you use LOA to manifest a business?

by Gareth

March 11, 2021

Have you ever thought about creating an additional stream of income?
Perhaps the idea of having all your income from a single source feels risky?
Or maybe you like the choices and freedom that will come from having an additional few thousand dollars flowing into your life each month?

Is it possible to use the teachings of The Law of Attraction to make your dream of becoming a business owner, a reality?

Before I share my specific thoughts on this, I’d like to share my understanding of manifestation and how it works.

The Law of Attraction is working in your life in every moment whether you’re aware of it or not.

  • Here’s a simplified version of how manifestation works.
  • You have thoughts based on past experiences and your individual stories and filters.
  • Your brain is continually processing millions of data points each day and uses these filters to file all the info that it’s taking in.
  • The more time you spend thinking about something, the more you start to see that reflected in the world around you. (Have you ever had that experience of looking at a new car and suddenly you see them everywhere on the road?)
  • If you weren’t interested in that car, would you even have noticed them?
  • You and I could be driving the exact same road and both have completely different experiences based on how much time we’ve been thinking (or not thinking) about a specific car.

This same process is playing out in your life every single day, as you create stories and meaning from what you see around you in the world.

The more time you spend thinking about something, the more you’ll see that reflected in your outer world and until you believe that it’s “true”.

Once you understand how this works it becomes an extremely powerful tool.

Firstly, it means that what you believe is ‘true’, is only based on the thoughts that you’ve been thinking over and over. So when you meet someone that doesn’t agree with you, you can recognise that they’ve just been thinking different thoughts to you. Neither of you is wrong and it’s not worth fighting over. Either of you is capable of questioning your thinking.

Secondly, in your personal development journey, when you’re not happy with something in your life, you realize that you’re able to change it but changing the way that you think about it.

So, when I say “would you like to start your own online business?” what are the initial pre-programmed thoughts that come up for you?

“It’s risky?”

“It’s competitive …”

“I don’t have enough time in my life as it is … “

“I don’t have the business skills required … “

There is no shame in whatever your mind tells you when you examine this question except that if you are serious about starting your new business you get to release these old stories and install new more empowered thoughts.

Here’s an exercise that you can do right now to support you on this

Grab a notebook and a pen and write down your initial thoughts that you have when thinking about starting your own business, leaving a few lines between each one. No need to spend too long on this, just write down the first 5-10 thoughts that come up.

Next, I want you to reframe a new more empowered thought next to each of your old limiting beliefs. See the examples below.

The way that you do this is by taking your old thought and reframing it to something more empowering.

Old belief: “I don’t have the business skills required …"
My new empowered belief: “I live in a world filled with knowledge at my fingertips - all the information that I need is already out there!”

Old belief: “It’s competitive”
My new empowered belief: “With so many people becoming coaches there must be a market for people that need support”

Old belief: “I don’t have enough time in my life as it is … “
My new empowered belief: “If I can make some time to get a new business off the ground it can make enough money and I would be able to leave my current full-time job and I’ll get all those hours back for me to live my own life!”

Do you see how this works?

Once you’ve been through this exercise, write out your new empowered beliefs onto some sticky notes and stick them up around your house as a constant reminder of what’s possible in your new reality.

Now, like the new car that you suddenly see everywhere on the road, you’ll start to see opportunities everywhere that confirm and support your new beliefs, and it won’t be long until these new beliefs become your reality and your new income stream manifests into your life.



About the author

Gareth is a Lifestyle Designer, a Perfect Day chaser and a minimalist. Based in Guatemala his highest joy is creating content that helps and inspires people to Live More Perfect Days.

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