Can you align your life to a single word?

by Gareth

June 11, 2020

Can you align your life to a single word?

Every year rather than create New Year’s Resolutions, I choose a single word that I use as a guide. The word that I choose is either linked to something that I’m calling into my life or an adjective that I want to install in my live. My word for 2018 was “abundance” and for 2019 was “grace”. My word for 2020 is “surrender” and in today’s video, I unpack just how critical this has been for me in 2020 so far!
(If you want to install your own word for the year here is a video you can use to set it up for yourself)

Watch this week's video "Can you align your life to a single word?" by clicking above.

Why decluttering is so important in manifestation:

One of the first keys to mastering The Law of Attraction is decluttering. Before new orders can flow into your life you need to make space and clear anything that could be blocking your orders.

  • Are you calling more financial abundance? Have decluttered your current finances? Are your taxes up to date. Are you clear on why you’re calling more money into your world?
  • Have you placed an order for a new relationship? How much emotional tidy up have you done from your past relationships?

Manifestation is a flow of energy. So if you’re wanting something new to flow into your world, make sure you’ve cleaned up any historic energetic knots that you might have.

  • Do that tax return.
  • Create a budget and be clear on what you’re going to do with your new financial flow when it arrives.
  • Do the work to integrate your past relationships.
  • Fall in love with yourself now so that when Mr(s) Right arrives that you meet them from a full and integrated place.

If you’re looking for help to tidy up some of your past relationships, Minta has just launched her new online course called Resilience Journey. This 30-day online course is for:

  • Those navigating relationship endings seeking mindful completion.
  • Those struggling with grief following the death of a loved one.
  • Those unable to find peace or thrive following a set back in health, career or relationship.
  • Teachers and coaches looking to boost their abilities to guide others through the dark night of the soul.

You can access the course by clicking the button below and using coupon code “GARETH” at checkout to save $100.

Conversations about Masculinity.

I really enjoyed the vulnerability of writing last week’s blog post – “” Some of the feedback and questions that I received made me think about unpacking this topic in a Livestream. If you want to join me live on Tuesday, see all the details in . Please also add any questions or topics you’d like us to unpack in the session.

Loving this track at the moment.

“El corazon” by Arno Elias. Check it out here on or .

It’s also an amazing Spotify Radio station .

We Crashed – The Rise and Fall of WeWork.

This week I enjoyed series from the creators of . It’s the story of a startup driven with so much passion that its founder became jaded and drove it all the way up before all the way back down. How ran WeWork reminded me of the Netflix show called .


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